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Something serious to talk about and celebrate.   
09:35pm 05/04/2011

May 27, 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of my Father’s death from AIDs. While participating in walk-a-thons and dance-a-thons to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS was a huge part of my youth, it has taken a back seat as the years have passed.  I’ve been on the lookout for a way to commemorate his life and passing and I think I’ve found just the right thing.  I’m excited to let you know that this June I’ll be a roadie for the 10th annual AIDS/LifeCycle. The ALC is a 7 day bicycle trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raises very necessary funds for AIDS research and resources in both metropolitan areas.  I’ll be joining the hundreds of other roadies that make this event possible for the thousands that take the 545 mile trek. I would love your financial support to help insure this a huge success!

The funds raised by this ride help the LA Gay and Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS foundation do life saving work.  In San Francisco alone, there will be an estimated 1000 new cases of HIV this year. In the last several years AIDS research and AIDS services have been drastically cut all over the country and the Bay Area has been no exception. Help is still needed, and events like this are as crucial as ever in making sure that help is still available.

Everyone I know who’s ridden or roadied says participating is a life changing event.  I imagine that this being the events 10th year makes that likely to be truer than ever.  They’ve already had to close registration for both roadies and riders earlier than ever before in the history of the ride.

While the work I’ll be doing will be valuable (I’ll be on the massage team) and while I’ll be volunteering my time, it still won’t be free.  In order to have me on their team it will cost ALC money for food, transportation, etc. That being said, I’ve set my goal to raise $2,000, so that I’m not only cost neutral, but actually contributing to the financial gain for these organizations. Will you help make that happen? Even $15 will get me closer to my goal. Please spread the word and help me make a difference.


- whit

Click here to visit my personal page.

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well would you look at that...    
09:31am 26/01/2011
  Hey Look! Two posts in one month!

Yesterday I found out that Lyon-Martin Clinic might be closing it's doors for good as of this Thursday. This comes as a great shock. I"ve been getting all of my primary and obg care there for the last 7 years. I'm currently in the middle of being followed for some serious health stuff that I only just switched to UCSF a week or two ago, but otherwise would be treated there. 3 days notice is NOT enough to close a clinic, especially one that serves a largely uninsured community that's going to struggle to find care elsewhere.
This is apparently the move of some rogue board member. The clinic has no money, so it's understandable where this is coming from. But this is entirely against the staff and clients' wishes and is being done with no followup plan for folks who will be left out in the cold by the closure. Hopefully the news spreading will cause enough uproar to catch city officials' attention and something can be done.

Last week I did ALL the things. I went out dancing TWICE (that's twice more than I have since my surgery). I saw Zoe Keating play at the Independant. I went to both nights of the Edwardian Ball. Did the Dark Garden fashion show. Signed up to be a roadie for the AIDSLifeCycle (you can sponsor me by clicking here) and went to their Red Party. Went to a fancy knickers and wigs themed birthday party and another birthday potluck. All of this while working full time. Shocker, I fell down and went boom. I've been home sick the last two days but am finally recovering. I even got to ride my new bike yesterday!

Speaking of, I have a new bike! It's the first new bike I've ever had. I had a $50 flee market bike for the last 7 years that was way too small for me. With the new knee, I just can't afford to ride something that doesn't fit properly. This thing is so comfy and easy to maneuver. I knew it would be better, but I was still astounded by the difference. I need to take advantage of the sunny days when they happen and build up some cardiovascular stamina. Wanna go for a bike ride?

Momma Moses was here for about week. My housemate was out of town so she got her own room. It was really to get so much quality time with her. It's strange to be acutely aware of the fact that she's getting older. She's growing her hair out and you can really tell how much gray she has. I supposed at 60 years old she's allowed to have it. I look forward to when she moves out here.

The BayList is doing it's Best of again. I came close to winning a bunch of these different best of the bay type things last year and then my knee took over. i'd really like it to happen this time.  You can vote for me here. Please spread the word!

5 items. That makes a post, right?
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04:44pm 23/07/2010
  On Monday I had a meeting with my boss at the hospital. I thought I was going in to discuss me finally coming back to work, and what was happening with the interns in the program Instead I walked in to have my boss tell me that my position was defunded and I didn't need to come back.

The hospital has laid off about 250 people in the last 2 months. My boss fought tooth and nail to keep me, but in the end a budget cut is a budget cut. Still, I can't really imagine a worse time in my life to lose a job. I loved that work, and I've been really looking forward to getting a regular income again. I'm so thankful that the hospital isn't my entire income, only  about a 3rd.

Pt is coming along really well. I'm getting close to 130 degrees of flexion - this translates to me being able to hug my knees, which is rad. Going down stairs still hurts, but going up is feeling pretty good. I've danced a coupe times and it feels fanTASTic. I was even told to go ahead and try to do some rock climbing. Nothing too crazy, probably the easiest stuff they've got. But still, climbing? Oh, how I've missed you.

My fundraiser is next Thursday at the Uptown in Oakland. Mark Growden is opening, which I'm super excited about. The whole lineup looks like a lot of fun. And the Auction items look amazing. Want a couple pounds of homemade bacon? How about singing lessons from a professional opera singer? Dance classes? Hair flowers? A Custom Corset? Signed shwag from Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, or Jason Webley? We'll have it!

There's also an on line raffle, great for folks who can't come to the event. Tickets are $5 bucks and a lot of the same prizes are in that.
The bonus is, since we're doing it through the GiveForward site, every raffle ticket bought contributes to my likelyhood of their Givasauras contest. If I win, I'll get an extra $500! That would be frackin' rad.

It looks like I'll be going to Burningman. I'm not going out for DPW, but I have a ticket in exchange for stage managing at Center Camp. This'll also cover my food. Nathan will be going out a couple weeks early to build the electrical grid. I think I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday out there.

My first doula client had her baby 2 weeks ago. My next client is due in September. Life is moving forward and I no longer feel deeply trapped by my injury. Finances are still kind of out of my control, but the fundraising has been amazing and I think it will assure that I get to the other side of this ok. I am so damn lucky for the community I've got.
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Surgery Day.   
06:00pm 03/06/2010
  Surgery day is a bit of a blur, but I'll recount what I can.

Our friend Alexei came and met us at the house and he and Nathan took me to the San Francisco Surgery Center. My appointment was scheduled for 11:30 but they told me to get there by 9:30 to do paperwork. I wasn't nearly as nervous as I thought I'd be and I think I can attribute that to getting acupuncture and craniosacral the day before with Renee. I spent most of the time in the waiting room sitting on the floor cuz it was more comfortable than the chairs and filling out financial paperwork.

Since I was without insurance I was considered a cash pay and they wanted the entire fee upfront (for the facility, anesthesia, and allograph material). Thankfully I was able to apply to this Care Credit thing, which is very awesome. Basically, it's a loan you can use for medical costs. I was approved for the vast majority of the cost and will have to pay it off over 12 months. A lot easier than one day.

Around 11am they brought me back into the surgical area. Gave me a locker to put all of my stuff in and a gown. They set me up in this big comfy leather lazyboy type chair and put my IV in. I sat next to a very large dude who was terrified of needles. They did his IV first and listening to the sounds he made got me scared to get mine. I didn't have anything to worry about. He left for his surgery and then it was just me in a room with an IV pole. I was left there for about 2 hours before they finally called me in for surgery. Thankfully, my napping skills were strong that day.

I don't remember much after that. the surgical room was cold and there was lots of fancy equipment everywhere. I had to get up on this table that was narrower than I expected. They had me line my head up on a little pad. Next thing I knew I was was waking up in a recovery bed dizzier and more weighed down then I've ever experienced. They say I was out for another 2 hours after surgery was done. I've never been put under before, and have barely even had local anesthesia or narcotic pain meds. I couldn't hold my own head up, couldn't focus my eyes, couldn't do jack shit.

I don't really remember getting home, but apparently redshrike  met heliocide  at the surgery center to drive me home and westwithenight  and maledictive  met us at the house, along with my sister and her partner. What I do remember is my sister petting my hand and looking very scared. She said I had no color in my lips and my eyes were rolling around in my head. I also remember Dr Stone calling and asking me how I was doing. After I described a pain deep in calf just under the crease of my knee he asked for my address and said he was on his way over. I was thinking that he was worried about DVT, but when he got here he said he was more concerned that he had clipped my poplitial artery and that I might be a bleeder. Either way would've meant an emergency situation and rushing me back to the hospital. Thankfully he checked me out and decided I was fine. It scored big points with my sister and my mom that he drove all the way to Oakland to check on me. I was pretty impressed too. I really do have a good doctor.

I spent that night on the couch with my leg elevated on some pillows and a fancy ice pack attached to a plug-in cooling machine. westwithenight slept over and was up like lightning every time I got up to pee in the wee hours of the night. She is a saint.
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Pre-surgery whirlwind.   
09:08pm 31/05/2010
  So much has happened in the last week! Where to begin, where to begin...

Last Monday I went into the city for another round of Physical Therapy. At that point I had an appointment scheduled for another week out to check in on my inflammation level to see if I'd be surgery ready. They had said it would probably take about two weeks from my 1st appointment. This PT was 4 days from my first appointment. When they saw me, they were super surprised at how much the swelling had gone down. So much so that Dr Stone took one look at me and said I was ready for surgery and we should schedule me for the following day.

This definitely caught me be by surprise. I wasn't mentally prepared to move so soon. On top of that, the surgery discussions had caused me to go overtime and I was now running very late for my 3rd opinion visit with an orthopedic surgeon over at UCSF. I told them to go ahead and schedule me for it, that I would call them after my 3rd opinion and either cancel or go over the paperwork and details. cindymonkey  packed me into the car and we rushed off to the parnassus campus while I called my mom and told her the exciting/bewildering news.

I showed up to the UCSF facility and was overwhelmed by the scale of it all. Giant building, tons of people, long lines. They moved me through rather quickly and I found myself in an exam room with a physician's assistant pushing and pulling on my leg and telling me how they never operate on MCL's and how I'm way too swollen for surgery. The head surgeon comes in and says the same thing. Unfortunately, the MRI photos I brought with me are missing the coronal plane which is where you can best see just how bad my MCL is. More importantly, he's saying he thinks I'm weeks  away from being ready for surgery and that he strongly disagrees with Dr Stone. Well, crap.

I leave UCSF very confused and frustrated, running late to an appointment with my old acupuncturist for a session and call my mom again with the plot twist.  My very patient acupuncturist lets me make phone calls from the table while she's putting in the needles. After a good conversation with Dr Stone where he soundly defended his verdict from UCSF's doctor. I needed to make a decision, and I trusted Dr Stone's logic, so I did. We confirmed surgery for the following day, and I went home to have dinner with heliocide.

heliocide  and I had our 4 year anniversary pass that Saturday with barely an acknowledgment, so tanyamazon  and her fancy chef boy had come over to cook us dinner in honor of it. This turn out to be a double bonus as I was n't allowed to eat again after midnight because of the surgery. I was psyched that my last meal prior to my first major surgery ever was something decadent. And it was, in fact, divine.
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Whit's Knee - The plot thickens   
12:45pm 21/05/2010
  Alright, so.

Yesterday I went to visit Dr Kevin Stone at his clinic in the Marina called the Stone Clinic.  It's a fancy place with a full Physical Therapy team and their own MRI machine for limbs and all the bells and whistles.  The first thing they had me do was get an MRI. Took about 45 minutes and made a lot whirring and clicking noises that put me to sleep.

The doc and I looked at the MRI together on his computer screen, checking out all three perspectives, and going through my knee like a slide show of slices. He says, "See this space? This is where, if you had an ACL, it would be. See this bit over here? That's what's left of your MCL." I likened the MCL to a wind sock, as it flapped about in the fluid between my bones and my skin.

Full MCL tears are really rare. MCL's actually have two heads that attach on the shin side, one right near the knee and one a little further down. Usually, if someone manages a serious enough tear, only one of those actually tears fully so the tension is still held. I managed to pop the upper head off and tear the one that attaches further down.  I also have a pretty hefty bone bruise, which is apparently treated a lot like a stress fracture and is pretty common with ACL tears.

He says I have too much swelling to go under the knife immediately. He wants me on a thorough daily PT schedule for the next 10 days to 2 weeks to get the swelling down and reassess. He definitely  wants to use cadaver tissue. The reattachment for the MCL is kind of a delicate thing and isn't done very often. And it the bone bruise hasn't healed by then, they might have to scrape some stem cells from one side of my femur head and make a little paste to put on the bruise to encourage it to heal.

Then after that would be a pretty hefty PT schedule. He thinks he can get me back to starting work in 2 months.

I really like this Doc. They were super thorough, super polite. They believe whole heartedly in the value of PT. They're also not cheap, but you know what? He wants to make this doable for me. Since I am the daughter of his brother's friend, he wants to give me the friends and family discount.  I'm hoping I can get all of this to happen near $25,000 including all of my PT and surgery. We shall see. It's still HUGE, but there was a point where I thought I couldn't do it under 50,000 after all was said and done. So I'm feeling optimistic.

I'm so stoked to have PT homework. Even if I end up going with another Dr, having stuff to do throughout the day that I know will be helping my body recover feels really good. And I understand my pt and know how to do it well. And heliocide  all about using all of his Chinese Medicine tools to help me get the swelling down. We're bordering on competitive about it. The doc says it'll take two weeks? Lets see if we can have it on his desk by Monday! I like being proactive.

I'm debating getting a 3rd opinion since the 1st two docs disagreed on so many things. I'm also looking into a PT office in the East Bay that I can get some care between now and surgery, since Dr Stone wants me to come in every day and he's in the Marina, which is a ways from Oakland when you can't drive. Either way, I'll be needing rides to places regularly.

I am beyond overwhelmed with all the love that's coming out. From all different directions  in all different ways. From bringing food to house cleaning, to making me laugh, to doing research, to giving rides, to helping get the word out, to organizing fundraising, etc, etc. It's fucking amazing. I know some amazing people. doppmonster  wrote this ridiculously sweet blog post about me that totally made me cry. I could write several blog posts documenting all the incredibly ways people are stepping up to help out. It's breath taking.  The gratitude, it is huge. I don't know how the fuck I'd do any of this without y'all.

Oh! And I am planning on coming out to Hubba tonight. I'm not going to be singing, but i'll be enjoying the show. I couldn't miss the one that I'm the flyer girl for, nor a friend's choreographing debut. Besides, westwithenight  made me this AWESOME cave girl fur bra - how could I not wear that thing? Come say hi, if you're coming out.
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Whit's Knee - Update part two   
02:55pm 19/05/2010
  My mom's college friend has a brother who's an orthopedic surgeon in SF, so today we had a phone consult with him. He disagreed pretty much down the line with my original doctor's approach and wants me to come in immediately. So now I have a dueling doctors situation. I'm going to go see Dr Stone tomorrow. He wants me to do an MRI. He says knees should never be opened up without an MRI. He wants to start me on PT right away to help with the swelling. He is significantly more expensive than the guy Alta Bates sent me to. I'm both hopeful and daunted by this.

A bunch of folks have asked about fund raisers and chipping in whatnot. I have a feeling some fundraising is going to happen and as soon as I have information on that, I will pass it along. If you feel like you want to be a part of putting on fund raising efforts, comment here and let me know. The folks organizing will get the info.

Similarly, if you just feel like you want to chip into my living expenses, you can do so via Paypal at the email address, - when you do, try to click on personal and then gift, so they don't take out a percentage.  

Right now I'm going to pick up a prescription, then fill out lots and lots of paperwork.

Also, the site that N set up for folks to come help out is still a totally great option. I'll be updating it soon with dates further along now that I have a sense that this isn't just a 2 week injury. I'm also trying to figure out how to make the system work better since I want people to be able to plug in when THEY can come by instead of when I want them to, because I'm just home. Anyway, here's the link -
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Whit's Knee - an update   
09:28am 19/05/2010
  I had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. A very sweet older gentlemen with a real bow tie and suspenders named Dr Pugh. His PA came and looked me first and moved my leg in ways no one else would dare try. For the record, it is NOT supposed to bend that way. Once he came in and she showed up the hyper-mobility of my both laterally and vertically, he said there was no need for an MRI cuz the damage is so overt.  The reason my knee didn't hurt despite it's huge size and discoloration (I have a hematoma the size of a medium dinner plate) was because I didn't just get a tear in the medial collateral ligament, I popped the damn thing off. It's also fairly likely that I have a full anterior cruciate ligament tear and some serious Meniscus damage to go along with.

They basically said that I have one of the most unstable knees they've ever seen in that office and that I'm now their priority patient.

In an ideal situation (ie, good insurance) I'd be getting two surgeries. One to repair the MCL and one for the ACL separately and in that order. But given my lack of insurance, he wants to see about getting me the surgery all at once. Right now we're in the research phase of figuring out how to pay for this and where to get it done. According to Dr Pugh (who was also a rock climber and super frank with me), I need surgery asap because of just how unstable my knee is. He said I should expect about 6 months of recovery time.

I mentioned to him that the friend who's house it is as home owners insurance and that they'll cover up to $5,000 of my medical needs. His response? "Well, that's a start."
This is about the time when my face went hot and my ears started to burn and my body disappeared.
I really don't know how this is going to work.

Right now we're in the research phase. Dr Pugh said I'm now bumped to the front of the list as their #1 priority patient. He has his staff doing some research, and I'm doing some research and we're going to figure out where I can get this surgery the soonest, cheapest, and best.

He said he'd rather have an athletic, strong patient get a really bad injury than a wimp get a small injury, because he knows I'll recover faster and well because I'll work for it, and my body knows how to get there. I'm going to do my damnedest to focus on that right now.
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Whitney Fall Down Go BOoM   
11:47pm 16/05/2010
  Saturday night I had the lucky fortune of going over to 1eyedkunt 's new home to play on her 14 foot trampoline before she put it in storage. If you know anything about me, you know what a monkey I can be and how much that is right up my alley.  Hours of bouncy fun were going splendidly, until they didn't anymore.

I was jumping with a friend who decided he wanted to try to do a split while jumping, but the timing and placement worked out rather poorly as he managed to kick me pretty hard on the lateral side of my right knee. I could feel the bones shift a part and landed with my lower leg at about a 10-15 degree angle away from the mid-line.

After a comedy of errors and a really long time, we managed to get me off of the trampoline and into the trunk of my volvo and off to Alta Bates Summit in Oakland. heliocide  and rivetpepsquad  came with me and they were both freagin rockstars about it. The staff at the hospital were all really nice and sympathetic. They did xrays and told me nothing was broken, which I kinda knew. They're pretty sure I popped my Medial Collateral Ligament, but they're not sure how bad. I have to go to an Ortho doc later this week to have them check it out and possible get an MRI. Depending on how bad it is, this could mean surgery. They sent me home with crutches, a knee brace, and a prescription for vicodin, which i've yet to fill. The on-a-boat feeling that I got from the percocet they gave me was enough to make me not all that psyched to spend my waking hours on meds.

I've spent the vast majority of the day laying on the couch with pillows under my cast, save for a few trips to the bathroom. I've had visits from a variety of lovely folks, lots of whom have brought me food. heliocide  help me set up a website for folks who want to visit or be helpful. This way I don't get all my company and all of my food on one day and then nothing for the rest of the week. If you think you might be up for helping out, whether this week or over the next month, please sign up. I'll be posting about rides to dr's appointments once I have them set.

The food thing is particularly helpful as we're pretty broke and N is pretty busy with school. That along with the fact that I have no health insurance and can't work for an indeterminate amount of time means I am hella nervous about funds right now. But really, if you can't/don't want to do food, but just wanna come by for a visit, i'm down for that too.

Trying not to think too hard about all the monkeying that's in my life that I won't get to do for a while. Hopefully this too shall pass, and quickly. And I won't know anything till the Ortho runs some tests, so for now I need to just chill out and be nice to myself. And not go crazy being on this couch.
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08:32am 10/05/2010
  SF Gate is doing a poll for Best of the Bay, and I'm in the running for Best Massage!
I was holding the first place spot for a while, but I've slipped back down to number two. I'm up against some of the biggest spas in the Bay, but it looks like I have a real chance of winning with your help!

Please click on that link and take a minute to vote for me. It's super easy. They do ask you to register, but they don't send you a lot of crap.  It would be so good for my business.
If you know anyone that would be down to vote for me, please pass this along!

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Spring 2010 Massage Update   
05:36pm 14/04/2010


I hope this note finds you well and that you’re finding bits of spring through all this rain. I’ve got a couple important things to share including a rate change and some travel dates, so thanks for taking the time to read this.

SFGate is running a polling contest for their Best of the Bay list and I’ve been nominated for the massage category! To vote, follow this link and click Cast Vote. You’ll need to do a quick registration with their site, but it’s easy to opt to not get any spam from them.

Back in January there was a lovely article written about my work in the examiner. You can read the whole piece here. I want to give a big thank you to Lauren Byrne for taking the time to write me up.

Currently my rates are $80 for an hour and a $100 for an hour and a half. Starting in May the hour and a half rate is going up to $110. This will also effect my travel rates. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

I also want to give you all a heads up about some travel dates that are coming up. In June I will be away from about the 8th to the 15th, and late in the summer I’ll be gone from about August 14th to September 12th. If you would like a referral to another massage therapist you can see while I’m away, just let me know and I’ll pass along info for someone who I think will be a good fit for you.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know about an exciting development in my practice. As of about 2 months ago I have begun the process and training of getting certified as a doula. Ever since I got certified in pregnancy massage last year I’ve felt a strong desire to get closer to birth work and this is my first major step toward it. The training is going very well, and it won’t be long before I’m able to start taking on expecting mommas as clients. There will come a time when this work will impact the shape of my massage practice, and I’ll be sure to write about that when I have a better since of when and what that impact will be.

And as always, if you haven't yet, feel free to add your review to my page on



Be Well,

Whitney Moses, CMT


The Hella Pretty Backrub Benefit!   
03:08pm 01/03/2010
  Many of you know the fierce and fabulous Fran, aka goodbadgirl . She has spent the last several years fighting one hellovan up hill battle against chronic lyme disease that had been misdiagnosed for about 15 years.  Now, with no insurance and too sick to work, getting her treatment covered has been just as much of a Sisyphean task. Because of this, her friends have been coming together where they can to help fair the funds necessary to help Fran heal. In honor of that, I've decided to make March Fran's month in my massage business.

The Hella Pretty Backrub Benefit!
From March 1st thru March 29th, if you bring this note to your appointment,
I’ll donate a portion of your payment to Fran’s Lyme Fighting Army.
Cash only, please.
Whitney Moses, Massage Therapist

For more information about Fran and her fight, visit -
Bella Ciao   
09:06am 04/11/2009
  This is a clip of me singing one of my favorite HUMANWINE covers last Saturday with some of the members of Rhubarb Whiskey. This was all part of the Le Petit Mort show at the Sunshine Biscuit Factory.

I love this song and want to find more excuses to sing it.

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updatiness, where the next phase has begun.   
03:52pm 03/11/2009
Wow, I haven't posted in a minute, eh? Not surprising, I suppose.
This will be a very short update, as I'm at work at the hospital and really need to get my ass in gear.

Thing the 1st: I have amazing friends. So many folks came out of the woodwork over last weekend and the week prior and after to help out in various ways. Bringing food, washing dishes, cleaning, packing, lugging, lending vehicles, smiles, and shoulders to cry on. I can safely say that I don't think I could've pulled off this move without the help. The whole process of cleaning litterally every single object alone would've driven me batty, nevermind the stirred up shit that caused my lungs to go ballistic on me.

Our stuff is out of the old place. The only thing left is to haul away some good will stuff and do the 2nd coat of primer.

The new place is... a mixed bag. It's an absolute utter mess. And cold as all get out. There are dog's next door that bark at every little thing. The internet keeps going in and out, and I'm much farther from BART than I wanted to be.

But, my breathing is so much better. And we've painted our bedroom and my office and they look great. And we've got these high ceilings, and beautiful hardwood floors. And that tire swing is giving me the eye. And our new housemate seems pretty awesome so far, and the downstairs tenant is very chill and already came with me to Hubba at the Uptown and did I mention that the breathing is better? We have a long road of unpacking and organizing ahead of us, but I see a lot of potential.

The bulk of my poorly timed insane performance schedule is done. the big Hubba show was GoGoed, the SFMoMA was properly zombied, we killed the murder ballad show, and the Uptown last night was a hoot. Now I only have to focus on one last show, and it's the biggest. It'll be 2 nights at the Brava Theater on the 13th and 14th. I'll be singing with the houseband for a 60's GoGo themed show. Full  horn section, serious musicians, fun tunes. I learn lead on 3 or 4, and back up on 10-12. This is the most serious singing project I've ever done and I'm stoked about it.  I really really hope folks can come out and see all the work that's been put into this. I think it'll be a hoot.

My mom is coming to visit this weekend to help me out with some stuff. I love when she visits and look forward to running around with her. the weekend after that is the GoGo show, then hubba, and then Thanksgiving. Suddenly... December? No, no, wait. I'm not ready to look that far ahead.

I haven't had any booze (outside of half a beer once) since August and I gotta say I don't miss it that much at all. I miss cheese and bread and sugar FAR more. It's kinda nice to be giving my system a break from the boozing.

I keep thinking about getting a dog for our place. Some folks have been posting abuot this beautiful puppy that's being fostered and will be ready for adoption in a month or so. It might just be the perfect timing, or we might be insane. I can't tell which.

Alright, back to work.
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The big move and different ways you can help   
09:07am 16/10/2009
  So now that we officially have a place, we've begun the packing process. There's a couple different ways that folks can be helpful if they're interested.

1) Since I have to clean anything before I bring it over, it's difficult to really start the packing process until our moving day. Is there anyone, ideally in our neighborhood, but at least in the east bay, who doesn't have cats and would be down for me to bring a couple boxes over to their place? They would show up sometime between now and next Friday, and they wouldn't stay longer than a week. That way I don't clean things, pack them in boxes, and then leave them in this contaminated house.

2) heliocide 's books and a couple other things aren't going to be coming into our new home for quite a while. Somewhere in the range of 2-6 months, depending. What would be awesome is if there was someone's home (garage, warehouse, whathaveyou) that we could bring these boxed up things to, and store them until we're ready to figure out when and how we can bring them home. Might you have that kind of space? I'm hoping it won't be more than 10 boxes. And, if need be, it's no problem for us to split them up.

3) Assuming there's a place for us to start putting stuff, I would love some help starting this weekend cleaning things and putting them in boxes. Everything has to be wiped down with half ammonia and half water befoe it gets packed. It's tedious, but it's what will help assure that we don't just bring the mold problem with us. Some company and maybe an extra hand through this process would be AWESOME.  westwithenight came over yesterday and helped me go through my closet and figure out what needs to be dry cleaned, what needs to be hand washed, and what needs to be just given or thrown away. It made such a difference.

4) next weekend (the 24th and 25th) is when we're oficially allowed to start bringing things over. We'd love the bulk of the helpful folks to be around that weekend and following week. cleaning objects, packing them, shleping them to the new place, and unpacking the boxes (the cardboard itself is a really good mold carrier, so it can't stay in the house). The more people available for these processes the better, for sure.

5) Words of encouragement! Checking in! Maybe feeding us!  With the stress of the health stuff, and the food stuff, and the moving, heliocide and I are both really burnt out and overwhelmed. Even if you're not available to lend a helping hand, checking in is awesome. A couple folks have offered to make me/us food that fits within my current diet restrictions. Things like that would be super helpful, since cooking is a) time consuming and b)depressing these days.

I realize it's a lot of stuff I'm asking. I don't expect anybody to do all of it. I don't even expect most folks to do any of it. I'm just putting it out there cuz I know that I could really use the help to keep my sanity and health around. 

Last night, while westwithenight was helping me clear out closets, we stirred everything up. It wasn't long before I couldn't be in the room cuz I was wheezing and sneezing so much. Despite my inhaler and some needle work from heliocide , I could barely sleep last night and my chest is still tight and sore. I have a feeling this packing process is going to include of a lot of that and my energy is going to plummet.  So any help that's available is much much appreciated.

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Join me and COLAGE in this year's Support Our Community Campaign!   
07:19am 14/10/2009
  It’s that time of year again! October has quite a few important anniversaries. This is the time of year that COLAGE celebrates it’s 19th birthday and we do so through or Support Our Community Campaign ( )! COLAGE is a national movement of children, youth, and adults, with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ) parent/s. We Build community and work toward social justice through youth empowerment, leadership development, education, and advocacy. I can’t tell you how many kids have told me that thanks to the dedicated work of COLAGE, they’ve realized that they’re not alone. This work is only possible because of the generous donations of people like you.

I’m writing this note to you from Orlando, Florida. This weekend's meeting here marks my 4th year on COLAGE's national board of directors and second as board chair. When I joined the board in 2005, I was excited, nervous, and inspired. I’d been volunteering with COLAGE for 2 years and had fallen in love with this community. I’d witness the powerful impact that COLAGE has had on children, families, institutions, and state laws, helping ALL families get the recognition, rights, and respect that they deserve. Since my time on the board my understanding of and gratitude for COLAGE’s commitment to social justice has only deepened. While this meeting also marks my transition off of the board I feel very confident in the new leadership that’s stepping up to take things forward. It is with this in mind that I ask you, now more than ever to support COLAGE’s work into the future.

This weekend also marked what would have been my father’s 71st birthday. And as I move forward in my efforts to support this movement, I do so in honor of the legacy and lessons that he left with me, as well as COLAGE’s impact on my perspective. COLAGE has really helped me know that when it comes to my family, our difference is our strength. And no amount of gay bashing or homophobic legislation can take that strength away from me.

So it is with all of these important milestones in mind that I ask you to give. Our Support Our Community campaign runs through the month of October. (also, in honor of National Coming Out Month!) In honor of our 19th anniversary, we’re asking at least 19 people to give $19. If you’ve never given to COLAGE before, you could start with a small donation. If you’ve given to COLAGE before, perhaps you can strengthen your commitment by raising the amount you give. I know I’m pledging to double my monthly donation in the coming calendar year. Won’t you join me?

To show your support follow this link -

With Gratitude,
- Whitney Moses
Recipe help   
10:17am 10/09/2009
  Hey LJ-landia,

Due to unfortunate circumstances, my doc told me to avoid eating any dairy for a while. I've emailed him to find out if that includes goat cheese, but in the mean time, I need your help. Cheese is often an important protein source for me, and it's always one of my favorite flavor additives. I would love some recipes and food ideas that don't involve dairy, just to help me mix things up.   I'm in need of inspiration!

Here's where I make it more complicated. I don't want to substitute soy for dairy. i don't eat much soy and I want to keep it that way. I eat meat, but not a ton. I'm trying to not have a lot of processed sugars either. Oh, alcohol is out too. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?  I can tell you're jealous.

So, what have you got? Help a girl out!
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SF Job Listing   
01:39pm 28/07/2009
  t. Peter's Housing Committee is hiring for 3 positions / El comite tiene 3 puestos disponiblesCollapse )
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08:29am 23/07/2009
  Last night I had a dream that I was having an asthma attack. I was tearing around the house trying to find my inhale with absolutely no luck. There were a couple people milling around just kind of getting in the way and staring at me, concerned and useless. It dragged on in painful detail, much like having an asthma attack.

When I woke I realized it's cuz I was in fact having an attack in my sleep, only I was too tired to wake up.

I have since used my inhaler so my breathing has settled, but I feel like utter poo right now.
I wonder how long I was panicking in my sleep.

As a related question, how does one go about getting their carpets steam cleaned? Do you hire someone else to do it, or rent the machine?
Ideally I'd love a method that's not super chemically as the older I get the more sensetive to that shit I am.
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phone tech FAIL   
04:01pm 15/07/2009
  Ok, so on Friday the screen on my sidekick ID died. This lead to me spending about 4 hours on the phone with customer service on Saturday eventually convincing them to let me buy the google phone for a discounted but still expensive price. 

In the meantime, I have an OLD sidekick that lived under my bed that I'm using. It doesn't charge unless you hold the charger just so and with great strength. So I switched my sim card from the old phone into that one to use during this interim. When I turned it on it asked me for a password. I used all the ones I could imagine (including the one I use to log onto the Tmobile web page) and nothing worked. I was able to get on the phone anyway, but none of my contacts were there. And everytime the phone would die any contacts i'd since uploaded would be gone. Annoying to be sure, but a short lived problem. Thankfully all of my contacts are still accessable on the Tmobile website.

My new phone just came in the mail today. I want to synch all of the contacts onto it, but aparently I can't just do that. I have to purchace this $10 program called Intellisync which will take the contacts off of my Tmobile website and put it in Microsoft outlook. From there I'm supposed to be able to put them on the G1.

So I buy this program and inthe process of trying to get it to work I realized I never set up outlook cuz I don't use it. In configuring it it asked for which email address to use and the woman on the Tmobile helpline that I was talking to said to go ahead and use my google one. 
So I did.

Outlooks is not downloading every fucking email ever sent from my gmail. It's been doing this for about half an hour. It's about midway through 2007. I want to stab everybody it's so annoying.

Meanwhile I went to the Intellisync and asked it to send my address book to Outlook. I of course have no idea if it worked cuz it's going to be hours before Outlook finishes this totally unecessary process.

This shouldn't be so damn complicated.
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